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Current Projects:

Boyarin, Shamma, Keith Kahn-Harris, and Sara Sutler-Cohen, eds. (2018) Synagoga Satanea: Jewishness & Metal. Punctum Books.



Clifford, Amber. (2018) Queering the Inferno: Space, Identity, and Kansas City’s Jazz Scene. University of Nebraska Press.



Sara's index was excellent and completely caught me by surprise in its layout and content. I thought it would be simple and short, but she included so much more and noted every speaker in the book, along with their bands--not just the internationally established bands. It is a unique, original index that takes Heavy Metal Africa to another level. I absolutely love this index.

-- Edward Banchs, author, Heavy Metal Africa

A thorough and precise Index that speaks to a broad readership transforms the experience of engaging the text. Indexes improve the experience of reading and studying, allowing for consistency, cohesion, and the efficacy of a manuscript.


At Scout Editorial & Index Services, I offer back-of-the-book Indexing services either independently or with a variety of editing services, including copyediting and proofreading.


The process is straightforward: I read your manuscript thoroughly, highlighting appropriate terms and categorizing them to create a vibrant, readable, and fluid index. I work with authors closely from start to finish, welcoming feedback along the way, particularly when authors deliver a list of terms to include in the index.


Prices vary (refer to general pricing below), depending on the length of your manuscript; I include reviewing your manuscript in the price. I offer fixed pricing, per-term rates, and per-page rates. We discuss this following a free consultation about your project.


8–20 pr pgs/hr$40/hr
$7–$10/pr ind pg