Editing Services

Editorial Rates:

Please refer to the following when submitting a proposal and feel free to reach out at any time to further discuss rates for your project. 



Basic copyediting: 5–10 ms pgs/hr $30/hr


Heavy copyediting: 2–5 ms pgs/hr$40/hr


Website copyediting: $30/hr


Developmental editing: 1–5 pgs/hr $50/hr


Substantive or line editing: 1–6 ms pgs/hr$45/hr


Proofreading: 9-13 ms pgs/hr $30/hr


Research: $50/hr



Current Projects: 

 Synagoga Satanea: Jewishness & Metal. Co-editor, Scholarly Essay Collection.                          

“Sara helped strengthen my teaching skills by offering tools to address the diverse needs of my students. I am consistently pleased with the way my teaching evaluations reflect the efficacy of her pedagogical interventions. While she has guided me through teaching, she has also helped me in my pursuit of research and publication by editing and providing feedback on my research. With her input, I submitted my manuscript and received praise from the publishers and editorial review board.”


- Amy Casselman, M.A. | Author, Injustice in Indian Country: Jurisdiction, American Law, and Sexual Violence against Native Women  | Lecturer: SFSU, CSU Stanislaus, Laney College


“Sara is very skilled at editing. She is a straight-shooter and will give you a no-nonsense analysis of your copy, and guidance on how to concisely reach your audience.”


- Sia Kollo Sellu